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Lindsay Hill


Peek PILATES Certified Level 1-3 


“Patience and persistence are vital qualities in the ultimate successful accomplishment of any worthwhile endeavor.” -Joseph Pilates

As a comprehensive instructor Lindsay has achieved one of the highest instructor certifications you can obtain from Peak Pilates.  

The very first Pilates class Lindsay took she knew she was in love.  Her passion for Pilates has grown as it has helped her to prepare, deliver and recover from the birth of her 3 children.

 Lindsay has a love for teaching a wide range of people from young to old, college and pro athletes, desk jockeys and pre, peri and post-natal females.  

She knows exactly what it takes to get you to your ideal!

Greg Hill

NASM CPT, BaS Central Michigan University, Precision Nutrition Level 1, Online Trainer Certified, RYT 200, Kettle Bell Concepts Level 1

"Work to be the best version of yourself every day." 

Greg has a passion for education and learning everything he can about health and fitness.

Greg has been a lifelong athlete, but was moved to find the best ways to be fit when he was just 25 and his knees hurt to much to play with his niece.

With a background as a science teacher, Greg knew he could take a more evidence based approach to health and fitness and apply his teaching skills to help others achieve their health and fitness goals. 

With over fourteen years of experience, he has helped clients shed hundreds of pounds of fat, put on lean muscle, move and feel their best.  Greg loves helping moms and dads achieve their ideal bodies and health so they can live a long fulfilled life with their families! 

Greg created and teaches idealFIT and sports performance classes. 


STOTT Mat Pilates

Gabrielle is a native of Lake Orion and beyond excited to be working with Ideal Core in her backyard!


Gabby’s background of dance and passion for physical fitness lead her to Pilates. Currently she is completing her STOTT Pilates certification and looks forward to sharing her growing knowledge with Ideal Core clients.


Through her commitment to fostering a positive and mindful Pilates experience, she aims to empower individuals on their journey to improved health and vitality. See you on the mat (and soon to be reformer)! 

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