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Reformer Pilates

This system of physical and mental conditioning, helps enhance your physical strength, flexibility and coordination as well as reduce stress, improve mental focus and foster an improved sense of well-being. All classes are performed on a Pilates reformer, tower, mat and other Pilates apparatuses. Clients will continue to be challenged with new skills as their core strength and foundation endurance improve.

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Reforer Pilates


We know life can get crazy.  We have developed a program with the ideal balance of progressive strength training and cardio conditioning.  A good amount of science mixed with ton of practical application and a dash of fun. You will fall in love with the process as you move better, get stronger, get leaner and sculpt that ideal you!
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Online Coaching

Take the amazing results of having a 1 on 1 personal trainer, add in extra accountability, and the flexibility to do your workouts on your time.  

Before clients could only access the amazing results we were getting clients though personal training and nutrition coaching if they were in our neighborhood.  

Now we can help you transform your body anywhere in the world.  As long as you have access to the internet and a gym, we will be there with you ever step of the way.

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Meh Bod to
greek god

Our signature weight loss and toning program that includes a personalized nutrition plan so easy to follow, IdealFIT and Reformer Pilates classes and accountability every step of the way. 
This program has everything you need to kick start your progress, help  you drop 5-20 pounds of fat and start sculpting your muscles.
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Ideal Online
Shape Up
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