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Many experts tout supervised strength training as the fountain of youth! 

We've tested out and studied all of the major fitness programs that got real results in the past 20 years.

IdealFit is built off of 4 main pillars below. We focus on 3 main phases in the year. Foundations to make sure your moving your absolute best. Power to build your body stronger. Strength to sculpt and tone your muscles. 

Foundations of our program

Form and Safety

We make sure everyone feels comfortable to safely and correctly perform each movement before adding weight or progressing the movement.  Can't do the movements? No worries we will teach you the skills you need!

Your Progress Your Goals

Every client will learn how to set personal goals, record their progress and strength train to achieve them.  Our goal is to teach you how to do these things so you can lift with confidence. It doesn't matter if you are getting stronger at home, in the gym or with us in studio.  Of course we want you to WANT to train with us, but not NEED us to train you.  

Keep it simple

Pushing, pulling, squatting, hinging, lunging and rotating are the foundations of human movement.  We prioritize the basics and improve these movements with a variety of supporting exercises.  If you're looking for jumping and squatting on a bosu ball... we are not your place.  If you want to use methods proven over decades to getting people stronger and healthier... this is your place.  

Progressive Overload

How do you know if you're getting stronger if you're always doing something different?  Not at our studio!  Over 4 week cycles we will push your body harder and harder. We'll make your body stronger and tone your muscles each week.  Right when you need it we plan in recovery workouts to get your body ready for the next stage of growth!  These methods have been proven for generations but have been lost amidst sexy workout fads.  Think about it: would you get better if you were always confused? 

If you're ready to start up with a safe, no-nonsenseprogressive strength program that focuses and supports human movement... we've got your place.   All programs can be modified if you want to get stronger, faster, leaner, bigger, slow down the aging process or you just want to improve your health. 
You have to make the choice: do you want a sexy workout OR results and a sexy body?
No matter what your goal, the science shows...
you need to start strength training.

Click below if you are ready to get

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