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Terms and Conditions

At Ideal Core we are always looking for ways to improve our ability to service you. These terms and conditions explains how Ideal Core, through its different services help to keep you safe, give you incentive to reach your goals and help keep you accountable.  Since these terms and conditions may change over time as we modify or expand our services, we suggest that you check from time to time in order to understand our studio policies. Your use of this website and our services constitute your agreement to Ideal Core and its studio policies.

I. Studio Policies

  • All Packages include

    • Working with the best 1-2 combo of Pilates and Fitness coaching in the business

    • Freedom from overly packed classes with little/no personal attention

    • The confidence to do things you once thought would be impossible

    • Your number of sessions each week

      • Any “overflow” of classes are good for 60 days

      • 42 day and 6 week programs are given 4 sessions each week.  Sessions expire 42 days after their first in studio session

    • Access to our Members Only Facebook page

      • 100’s of healthy recipes

      • Our 5 day metabolic reset program

      • Our Clean eating and lifestyle program

      • Goal setting and healthy eating tools 

      • Community Support

      • Exclusive at home and on the go workouts

      • Pre-recorded classes

    • Personalized Supplement Recommendations via Thorne membership

      • Save 5% off orders on our virtual dispensary

  • An Environment that is Positive, Supportive and Safe.​

    • As a family owned, small group studio we promise to provide a positive, supportive and safe environment for everyone to freely participate.

    • As a member of our community you are committing to do your best to

      • Eliminate any negative talk (about yourself or others)

      • Provide ​support for yourself and others who are looking for it

      • Follow instructions, progressions, and safety protocols to protect yourself and others from injury.

    • Any member who fails to help foster a positive, supportive and safe environment in and out of the studio is subject to removal from all or parts of Ideal Core. ​ ​

  • Billing​​

    • All regular packages are billed on a 28 day cycle.  ​

    • All packages are auto renewed unless specified in writing by the member

  • Scheduling,

    • Accountability and class scheduling via the mindbody app

      • Sign up within 4hrs of any class

      • Failure to cancel within 24 hrs or show up to a scheduled class may result in a charged or lost  session ($15-$30)

  • Termination Freezes and Changes in membership​​​

    • Termination​

      • Early termination may result in a back charge of up to $35 per unfulfilled month

      • Requests for termination of any package must be submitted in writing at least 7 days prior to the next billing cycle. 

    • 1 Free Membership “Freeze” per year for expected travel

      • A "Freeze" is a billing hold on a package that is no less than 28 days or 1 billing cycle.

      • Additional membership holds can be purchased for $20 per hold

      • Requests to freeze must be submitted in writing 7 days before next billing cycle

    • Changes in membership

      • Any changes in membership must be submitted in writing at least 7 days prior to the next billing cycle.​

    • All the fun and excitement of getting healthier and more fit!

II. Earn Your Program For free

Earn your program for free: With our 40 day and 6 week programs we offer a "Earn your program for free". A deposit is collected at the start of the program ($600 for 6 week programs and $300 for 40 day programs).  In order to earn your deposit back you will be required to complete behavior based targets.  Behavior Targets: 1) Attend or track at least 18 prescribed strength training sessions in the 42 days 2) Take and submit before and after picture within 1 week of completion of the program 3) Track and achieve 80% compliance with suggested diet guidelines 4) Complete 4 coaching calls and/or meetings.  If participants achieved the above behavior targets and upon completion of the program participants will be allowed to use that deposit toward more services at Ideal Core if requested by the participant. In studio: $13/wk with a 44 week commitment or $26/wk with a 24 week commitment.  Online: $7/wk with a 44 week commitment or $13/wk with a 24 week commitment. 


III. Service Satisfaction Guarantee?

Service Satisfaction Guarantee: With our 40 day and 6 week programs we offer a "Service Satisfaction Guarantee".  We can not control your progress in the program. This is not a results guarantee.  We can control the level of service we provide you.  Services being offered: 1) Professional in-class coaching at each session 2) At least 1 text and or email accountability communication per week 3) Professional in-person or online nutrition coaching session to be scheduled by participants 4) A positive and supportive private social media group. 


In order to receive service satisfaction guarantee you must provide in writing what level of service you are not satisfied with and allow us 1 week from submission to improve our level of service. If we fail to improve the service we will refund a portion or all of your deposit.

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