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Your 6 week challenge starts now!  Don't wait.

6 weeks

The perfect amount of time to really dial up the focus and create lasting habits.

Together we will design a perfect blend of strengthening, toning, burning and stretching to create your Ideal Program.

Your 'Metabolic Reset' program will make sure your getting results right from the start.  


A combination of different kids of progress at each step and accountability will keep you motivated every step of the way.

Stick with the plan for 6 weeks and we know you will see a leaner, stronger, moving better, feeling better, more ideal you!


Many experts tout supervised strength training as the fountain of youth! 

We've tested out and studied all of the major fitness programs that got real results in the past 20 years.

Boot camp's had to much running around and not enough strength building. 

Body building programs put to much emphasis on building big muscles and not enough on quality cardio.

CrossFit focused on "functional movements" most of us don't need to get fit and created to many opportunities for injury.

IdealFit gives you the perfect blend of functional movements you use every day, limiting your risk of injury and improving your quality of life.  Strength training movements to sculpt your legs, arms and core.  Cardio to maximize your fat burning potential. 

Nutrition Plan

"Give a man a fish and you will feed him for a day.  Teach a man to fish and you will feed him for a lifetime."

Every diet style, nutrition tip, and meal plan is just a tool in a tool box.  

We believe in teaching you those tools and behaviors so you can thrive in any situation. 

You will learn how to fuel your body and how to optimize your nutrition plan. 

By the end of our program you will have all the tools you need to feel confident in creating and changing your very own ideal nutrition plan.


Joseph Pilates said that after 30 session you will have a whole new body.

We agree!  You will have a chance to experience dozens of variations of movements and equipment that Joseph and his students have used for decades to achieve their ideal body and health.

Originally created to help his students to achieve optimal health, Pilates is now used worldwide to heal, strengthen, stretch, elongate and enhance the careers of many of today's top male and female athletes.

Mat Pilates is great, but if you haven't done Pilates on the reformer, you are missing out! 

So why will this time be different?

I Like Different!

Kelli G -

Kelli was a lifelong fitness enthusiast and a nail technician who was so inspired by her own transformation in our challenge that she decided to become a personal trainer herself and help other 50+ woman feel as amazing as she does! 

Eileen B-

Eileen loves to golf.  Unfortunately back problems held her back from doing what she loved.  During our challenge Eileen improved her back problems, improved her golf game and got stronger and leaner!  Eileen is proof that when it comes to our challenge... age ain't nothing but a number! 

Amy S-

"You have to prioritize taking care of yourself".  Amy is a small business owner, writer, publisher, and mom.  For 10 weeks Amy prioritized her health and fitness and it sure paid off!  Her transformation, drive and determination made her better at all of her other roles!

2018-08-12 (3).png
2018-08-12 (2).png

We are all Winners

After our 2nd challenge we decided to celebrate everyone who stayed dedicated to their challenge. Check out some examples of our short term and long term Ideal Core transformations.  
Ideal Core Transformations Come in All Ages, Genders, Shapes and Sizes!

2017-12-20 (7).png
joel before and after complete.jpeg
Carrie before and after 3 months.jpg
fran before and after.jpg
Rachel before and after.jpeg
Erica before and after.jpg
Tony before and after.jpg
Ginger before and After.png
steve prush 2.jpg
2017-12-20 (1).png
2017-12-20 (2).png

So what are you waiting for? 
Get started with a
balanced program that teaches you to eat for your bodies needs. 
It's time to start moving better, feeling better, and looking great naked.

Stop making excuses and start Shaping the Ideal You!

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