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Stunt Strong

Welcome to Stunt Strong.  If you happened to tumble into our page, we are just being born.  Please check out our mission and vision and some of the services we will be providing below! 

To be a founding member or for more information please email


Mission Statement: At Stunt Strong we are determined to fill a long time gap into helping coaches and cheerleaders develop their full athletic potential by improving their strength, conditioning and movement quality so they can perform at their very best and remain healthy through the long and demanding cheer season and competitions. We are an energetic and educational, motivating and fun fitness company who provides current and former cheerleaders and coaches with in person and virtual education and strength and conditioning programs designed for cheerleaders, by cheerleaders.  We understand that bases, back-spots and flyers may share some common moves while performing, when it comes to stunting, their needs are very different. In order to unlock their highest athletic potential the way they improve their strength and conditioning should reflect those similarities and differences.  This will not only improve their long term health, keep them safe during the season and keep them hitting their stunts strong! 

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