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Located near the 4 corners of downtown Lake Orion between 313 Pizza Bar and Salon U. 

27. East Flint Street

Lake Orion MI, 48362


What made us Ideal?

We started off our training careers at a commercial big box gym.  Lindsay a Pilates instructor and Greg a personal trainer and nutrition coach.  We found more and more we were bouncing clients back and forth so they could achieve their goals.  Some of our clients were spending nearly $1,500 a month in 1 on 1 training fees and that didn’t even include the cost of their gym membership! 

It was heartbreaking to have to turn down people who just wanted to have the energy to get through their day, be able to play with their kids without feeling pain, or drop some weight so they could feel confident in (and out) of their cloths, just because they couldn’t afford it.

We saw hundreds of members who couldn’t afford our club services gravitate towards the large group classes that were included with their membership.  A great value, but they barely got correction or guidance from the instructor who was in front of 20 other people.  Many weren’t reaching their goals… some got hurt and were worse off than when they started.

We dreamt of a time where we could not only support our 3 children, but also take the amazing results our premium clients were getting and bring that to the everyday gym goer.

Opening our own studio in 2016 we finally had our chance.  Our first priority is to treat every member like they are a part of our own family.  We have personalized and small group programs that more people can afford and we reward people who stay committed to their goals.  We keep the class sizes big enough to still have that pop of energy, but small enough that everyone in class is getting the attention they deserve.  We offer unlimited memberships so our clients can get the right mix of personal training style classes and Pilates classes through the week.  We are able to offer personalized nutrition coaching for EVERY client who seeks it.

Now we couldn’t be happier, and either could our ideal family. 

We know with our one of a kind blend of Reformer Pilates and idealFIT classes you will be to!


~Greg and Lindsay Hill

Creators, owners and operators of Ideal Core

Pictures of Hill Family and Ideal Family

10 session you'll feel a difference, 20 sessions you'll notice a difference, 30 sessions you'll have a whole new body"

Joseph Pilates - 

Reformer Pilates

I love idealFIT classes... but I love the results even more.

Erin -  Client


5 Star Reviews

5 Star Review

— Tara

“Amazing instructors and knowledgeable. They modify the workouts to my specific needs and goals. I highly recommend Ideal Core. It's a great addition to downtown LO!.”

5 Star Review

— Eileen

“Excellent experience! Greg and Lindsay are awesome instructors. They are knowledgeable, encouraging, and they always allow students to work at their own pace!.”

5 Star Review

— Paige

“Love them, and the workouts.”




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