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Mat Pilates- The Way Joseph Intended It To Be

Joseph Pilates spent most of his life crafting his system of fitness. As an unhealthy child, he took a passion into what it took to develop the Greek "ideal" of a man, perfecting the development of body, mind and spirit. He took physical influences from his personal experience in gymnastics (as a circus performer) boxing, bodybuilding, wrestling, skiing, diving and his studies in anatomy. His mental and spiritual influences were from eastern practices and Zen Buddhism. Joseph was German born and living in England when he really developed his system and built his reputation as a physical trainer and healer while rehabilitating other detainees who were under forced imprisonment during the outbreak of World War 1. You can still see versions of the original tools he used in the equipment commonly used in mat and reformer Pilates today. Bed springs turned into the reformer, beer keg rings turned into the magic circle and sports balls the Pilates ball. After World War 1, Joseph had such an amazing reputation he was invited to train the German Army. Luckily for the world, he declined and decided to come to America. This is where you see his equipment and teachings really developing into what you see today in classically taught classes, like many we teach at Ideal Core! Joseph died in 1967. Him and his wife Clare (who continued to teach and run the studio after his death) decided not to trademark the name "Pilates". This is why you see so many variations of Pilates today. Lindsay (co-owner and founder of Ideal Core) was taught under Sonje Mayo. While a dancer in New York Sonje was able to take some classes with Joseph and trained at his studio with Romana (rumored to be 1 of 2 people that were certified under Joseph). In our studio, you will find a mix of classical and contemporary classes, but everything we do is improved by the mastery of Josephs original form of Mat taught here. So give this Mat class a try and start shaping your Ideal Core.


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