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When I talk about nutrition with most of my clients almost all of them say they eat healthy… but are they really?

Today let’s solve the mystery of what is considered a good plate of food!

Let’s break it down to the ideal- We will cover

-What is a “good plate of food”

-What YOUR “good plate of food” should try to look like

-How to easily create changes in your meals


Sure, I could start off with the perfect plate of food and tell you that after reading this, the magical healthy eating fairy is going to come by and all of your plates will be perfect. But, I’ve got 3 kids all in activities, I run a business, I am the primary house chef and I have yet to see that damn fairy stop over to drop meals out of their butts, so they probably won’t visit your house either. Let’s talk about real life first.

A good plate can take on a lot of different looks. When it comes to planning what a good plate looks like for you, think about the intention of the meal, where you are at, and if you are making the best possible choice.

What is the goal of this meal? To fuel my body? Recover from exercise? To be tasty? To satisfy some craving? A good meal has intention. Most of my meals do fall into the fuel my body category, but at our house there has been a long standing date night for Pizza Fridays. The portion sizes may be different depending on my goals, but In 12 years I’ve only missed a few times. Pizza Friday not only keeps my wife happy, but it also helps to keep me focused during the week. An extra bonus is that it let's me enjoy the food I love the most without feeling bad about it. I do have a few rules that I follow to make my ‘Za meal a little more ideal, but we will get into that later.

Below you can see the difference between what is considered a good post workout meal vs a good anytime meal. Both are good meals that look different based on the goal of the meal. So a good plate has intention or goal.