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Greg's Birthday Words of Wisdom

Here is the true, unedited "birthday words of wisdom" from the past (updated each year):

Almost every year on my birthday I like to pass along some big life lessons I've gained from the past year or some theme that has helped me to grow.

As part of those life lessons I usually share the lessons from years past so that I can continue to learn from the past.


It’s up to you to take action. 

There is no lack of good information. No lack of opportunity. No lack of time.  No lack of accountability. 

For many people, myself included, there is a lack of desire to find and follow through on information. There is an opportunity to see through negatives and challenges. Priorities often lie in comfort and escape and away from the steps to achieve our best self. We often run away from people who are willing to challenge us and have difficult conversations and we seek people who will give us validation and comfort.

There is enough information out there that I completed my first triathlon without investing into a formal coach. I’ve never been formally trained in swimming. I haven’t consistently ran for distance since middle school. I haven’t owned a bike since college. I’ve got 4 kids, a business/job that requires a lot of my hours, and I am the primary point person for house duties, so time is precious. I often had to prioritize podcasts and train over Netflix and chill. I put myself out there to the internet and to my wife and kids to hold me accountable to my goals. 

Now don’t get it twisted- I am 100% confident I would have finished much better, enjoyed the process 10x more, and saved hundreds of hours(time = money)  if I just hired a coach- but I wanted to prove to you (and to me) that there is enough information out there that, if you are dedicated enough, you can do anything. You just have to take action.

Be more in the moment. 

42 has brought me the lesson of being in the moment.

My kids with their tablets and my son with his first phone made me realize more than ever- we need to live more in the moment. 

My 2 year old is learning from her siblings that any time a ring, ding or notification comes up, she looks for the device. It really makes me sad.

How many hours of our day are spent drifting away on a screen on a show, game or social media? I am frequently shocked some days on how quickly my hour time limit on my social media runs out.

How many moments that have the potential to run into lifelong memories do we miss in order to scroll to the next short? I frequently think this when I’m on the floor playing with Bri and my older 3 are sucked in their devices on the couch. 

How many times will we show others that what is going on in our phone is more important to the person/people directly in front of us? A big reason I try to put my phone away from me when others are around.

How many more moments will have to go on pause so we can get the perfect angle and look so it looks “social media ready”?

I’m also finding that when I’m able to be 100% there, in the moment, I’m also way better. So when it's time to be dad, husband, coach, weight lifter, business owner, son, brother, or any other hat I wear- 100% of me is always better than 33%+33%+33%+1%. 

Sure, someone might have to wait in order to hear back from a text, email or call. I’m hoping I can show my family and the people around me that the moment we are sharing together is more important than the little computer in my pocket.

Oh and for those who are “using social media to build a record of those memories”... this year my personal FB page was deleted by FB without a notification or reply back when I reached out to get it back.


This year is a 2-for

Theme #1- How we react to situations is more of a reflection on ourselves over anything else. I’ve been spending a lot of time evaluating how I react in different scenarios- in stress, when people are venting, when I’m teaching, etc. When I am happier about my own life, my reactions reflect that. I am more forgiving, more understanding, calmer, kinder, I listen more and talk less. In return I am getting better responses from the interactions I’m having. Now see theme #2.

Theme #2- All the self help talk, advice, books, videos have the same root message with different stories, spins and themes. I’ve studied things from religious leaders, Marines, former convicts, legacy leaders, and self-made leaders. They talk about texts and strategies all the way from the Bible, to the 1800’s, 1930’s and today. When you get to the nitty gritty, the base message is almost always the same. So if you want to improve your life, take the time to do self discovery like -finding out what brings your life fulfillment-why you want it-how will your life be better once you have it- and what your life will be like if you don’t. Dig deep with this. If you just scratch the surface with things like “I want to look better in a bathing suit”, you’ll end up in the same spot each year. Then find the spin and theme that speaks to you! For me Bedros Keulian really fires me up. At the base, he is saying the same/similar thing as every other motivational speaker, influencer, and religious/spiritual leader… but the way that guy delivers his message sets a fire in my belly letting me know “I can fucking do this”! 

Here is to another great trip around the sun! 365.25 days to dominate! 


A big theme from my last trip around the sun has been “Words Matter”

The words we speak, think and carry out each day have great power to shape who you are and who you will become. 

Speaking words of negativity, doubt, and fear will only bring more of that in your life.

You don’t have to fake it till you make it, but putting a positive spin on all things around you is a great start. 

The second big lesson I am learning and working on is being open to “feeling” more. I have done a pretty good job numbing myself to a ton of unwanted emotion. The tragedy our town experienced forced me to expose and open up to a ton of different emotions. Time is not guaranteed. You have to be open to experiencing life, not just getting through.


It is not how I imagined it when I was younger. The past year brought our family and the world some of the biggest challenges we will see. I can say for our family- we have come out of it stronger than ever.

I got to take on a few new roles in life and I’m learning how to embrace them more. I’m still doing what I love- helping people be the best version of themselves about 20-30hrs a week. My personal development has had to take a back seat so I could take on some new roles, but I’m trying to focus on my majors: working out at least 5 days a week, eating mainly a healthy balanced diet, continuing to try to learn and lead with love a bit more each day.

Some roles I took on this past year:

Home school teacher - bless my kids for making it though. With our schedule we had to fit 5 days of learning into 2. Everyday was an education bootcamp filled with ups and downs. I’m so grateful our school district was able to show safe practices and we were able to get the kids back in seated school at mid-term.

Gym advocate/organizer - After being shut down by the pandemic and seeing other businesses being able to open and operate safely, I couldn’t sit by and see gyms and gym owners struggle and have to shut down. Along with 8 other gym leaders we helped to create LIFFT to advocate and fight for the safe opening of fitness facilities. I can’t say with certainty we made a difference in the final outcomes, but I feel like we pushed the envelope. After being shut down for 6 months, fitness facilities have been open and continued to be un-named as major areas of outbreaks in Michigan.

Primary “stay at home” dad - Our Pilates business is growing aggressively IMO for a few reasons. #1 - My wife is amazing at her job. #2 -Pilates is amazing for people #3 - Our small group and private studio is a great set up for people feeling safe pandemic and post pandemic exercise #4 - Our clients/community are like our family. With this I’m organizing play dates, sports/practices, school and at home activities.


39 was for sure a year of new opportunities.

-It is okay to embrace different areas of development in your life at different times. I was introduced to the “wheel of life” a few years back. The concept is that you are trying to bring up lower points on the wheel (that sometimes comes at a sacrifice of things higher on your wheel) to create a more perfect circle. Those areas are: Career/Financial, Physical/Health, Social/cultural, Mental/Education, Spiritual/Ethical and Family/Home.

- Be willing to listen, be willing to wait, and be willing to fight for those who need you. When someone or life is calling to you, be open and ready for the opportunity. Sometimes the role you are meant to fill is not the one you pictured yourself in.

-Look for the positives. In any situation we experience, we can view it through a negative or positive lens. Depending on your view, an experience you share with someone, it can be viewed as a negative for one person and positive for the other. Choose to be a positive viewer.

There you have it! Again thank you for everyone who took the time to wish me happy birthday and for everyone who made 39 what it was! 


-Be flexible:  Without being open to the opportunity of being homeless we never would have been able to make enough money to pay off most of our "regular" bills, upgrade our house and move closer to work and into a better public school district.  I wouldn't have been able to spend as much quality time with my kids.

-Be Optimistic: I am a naturally negative leaning person, so I can't tell you how many times I thought we were F-ed this year.  From missed houses, to stressful living situations, to being out of work.  When times got dark I knew to stand up to the fight.  I knew if we stuck together as a family... we would make it out.

-Appreciate the small things: You never know when things will be taken away from you.  The world lost some great people this year, some to Covid-19 and some not.  Don't hesitate to smile and someone or reach out and tell people you appreciate them.

-Be prepared: I'm not saying go build a bunker... but save up enough money for 3-6 months of bills.  Have enough groceries (and TP lol) to make it a few weeks.  Have a few sources of income (unfortunately I didn't have this set up).  Have a plan.

-Don't take time for granted.  I'm glad that one day soon, I'll be able to have dinner with my whole family. I'll be able to step in my gym to train with our ideal community.  I'm glad I get this opportunity to build stronger bonds and share experiences with my wife and kids.

This year more than any other year, I have worked to appreciate the things I have, and make continued progress toward the things I want.


-listen more, talk less.

-stop being shy about who you are

-everyone has gifts to share (knowledge, love, a skill, an ear, a hug) share them as much as you can

-don’t forget to slow down and enjoy once and a while

-lead with love... if that doesn’t work, drop the fucking hammer.


Change is scary.  In the past year I left my comfy job to join my wife in opening our business.  With 2 kids (about to be 3) and a lot of responsibility that is a scary thing to do. In the past year we welcomed our 3rd baby and 2nd daughter into the world.  #gamechangerbaby.  In the past year I have taken myself to physical limits. I had spent years making excuses not for achieving.  In the past year, I opened myself to A LOT of uncomfortable conversations about race relations, politics, religion and more.

In the past year I have learned a ton.  The most important thing I have learned is that change can be uncomfortable. You can make every excuse not to change. Until you are ready to accept responsibility for the things that happen in your life and take action to create change, your life will continue to be the same.  Your job will continue to cause you stress. Your family and relationships will remain stagnant and stale. You will continue to wonder what if you just committed yourself to your physical goal.  You will be stuck with your same old viewpoints.


sometimes you just have to wait out the storm


What is important is that I know when the alarm goes off tomorrow morning it will be a new day with new opportunities.  And if tomorrow sucks I will continue with a positive mindset and make the most out of each day.

Make the most out of every moment and know that hard times are not here to stay, hard times are here to pass.


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