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TTOTD: Glass half full or empty? Are You Always Wrong?

We have all heard this saying before. It is the classic analogy if your outlook on life is a positive (optimistic) one or a negative (pessimistic). You can clearly look at this situation and say that both answers are correct. For the sake of the article we are eliminating the thought that the glass is half full with water and half full with air. If this is an opinion question then how can you always be wrong? The answer: perspective.

Today I was browsing the internet when a respected college posted an article suggesting a political side start taking action to change instead of just complaining. While reading the article, all I could think about was how he could post an article about targeting a certain population. In my opinion the challenges that we face today are similar to the ones other generations, cultures, races, sexes, religions and political viewpoints have had to face. I was appalled someone who I held is such high regard had posted this article. Of course I felt compelled to comment. His reply explained why he shared the post. His intent was very clear, don't sit back and complain about something, be about something. Get out and do actions that will change what you don't like. I was so blinded by my own frustrations that I did not take the time to look at things from his perspective. I missed out on an opportunity to be inspired to go out and take action because I didn't take the time to see things from another's viewpoint.

I was reminded that you might experience the same thing in your health and fitness journey. You will take a look at the things you will have to sacrifice: the hours at the gym, the glasses of wine with your loved one, the weekend party, the tilapia, veggies and rice instead of the burger and fries. What others will see is: "Don't they want to hang out with me", "They are no fun", "Are they showing off how healthy they are" "That food is gross". Others will fail to see your perspective. Most of the time they will not look at the sacrifices you make to achieve your goals they will only see how your actions are making them feel and affecting them.

So be a "half full" or be a "half empty". At the end of the day remember it doesn't matter what others view your glass as, because it's your glass. It doesn't matter if others think you're wrong or right and you are going to rock your glass no matter how full or empty.

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